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Team Name: 
Primary Sponsor: 
No Formal Sponsor
Build Location: 
Clarkston High School
Team Motto: 
Respect, Unity, Spirit, Heart
Recycle Rush Game Piece: Totes, recycling cans, and pool noodles. The match takes place on split field. Although two alliances compete at once, their only interaction is on the center dividing platform and teams are ranked based on their average points rather than wins and losses. Teams score points by building tall stacks of totes, placing recycling cans on top, and inserting noodles into the cans.
Robot Image: 
Northern Lights Regional - Entrepreneurship Award
Woodhaven District - District Event Finalist
Woodhaven District - Creativity Award
Livonia District - Team Spirit Award
Michigan State Championship - District Championship Finalist
Michigan State Championship - Dean's List Finalist Award (Diana Marsala)
Michigan State Championship - Entrepreneurship Award
Championship - Subdivision Finalist - (Galileo Division)
Ketterring Invitational - Champion
Northern Lights Regional
Woodhaven District
Livonia District
Michigan State Championship
Indiana Robotics Invitational
Ketterring Invitational