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Team Name: 
Primary Sponsor: 
No Formal Sponsor
Build Location: 
Clarkston High School
Team Motto: 
Respect, Unity, Spirit, Heart
Overdrive Gamepiece: big balls Teams: three on three. The match took place on an oval race track where you got points for crossing track lines. At the end of the game, teams could place the balls on top of a rack for extra points, more extra points were awarded for knocking off balls during auton.
Robot Image: 
Detroit Regional - Finalists
Detroit Regional - Chairman's Award
Detroit Regional - Woodie Flowers Award (Anthony Lapp)
Great Lakes Regional - Quality Award
Championship - Quality Award
Detroit Regional
Great Lakes Regional
Important Rookie Members: 
Steve Hyde
Shayna Kunz
Interesting Info: 
John Lafata passed away 10/14/07
FIRST Presidents Circle
Presented project based learning to governer’s conference
Tool Kit for Success established
State capital presentation
Chrysler Closing the Technology Gap Award given to Mrs. Hughes for Team RUSH
Finalist at Kettering Kickoff Robotics Invitational
Quality in Engineering Award at Kettering Kickoff Robotics Invitational