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Team Name: 
Primary Sponsor: 
Build Location: 
Chrysler Tech Center
Team Motto: 
Respect, Unity, Spirit, Heart
Co-Opertition FIRST Game piece: small kick balls Teams: two on two Teams scored points for putting balls into colored troughs. There was also a five point black bonus ball. Points could also be scored for hanging on chin-up bar.
Robot Image: 
National Championship - Woodie Flowers (Kyle Hughes)
Great Lakes Regional
Midwest Regional
National Championship
Important Rookie Members: 
Pam Barclay
Interesting Info: 
"Partnered with Beatty for both regional wins and 4th place finish at Nationals (also with Anthony and MI Roboworks) 4 sets of siblings on the team (Barclay’s, Cooper’s, Markesino’s, Rutledge’s) Robot had cog wheels with a vertical telescoping 3-stage lift and PVC basket Robot had a motorized fork on the front to pull the puck around the field (and to pull Juggernauts battery cable in the finals) "