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Team Name: 
Primary Sponsor: 
No Formal Sponsor
Build Location: 
Denovo Machine Shop
Team Motto: 
"Denovo ad Finis" (From the beginning to the End)
"Ladder Logic Gamepiece: large balls Teams: 3 robots on the field, every robot for themselves. There was a center goal with 3 ladders at angles on each side. Points were scored for balls in the goals and on the ladders. "
Robot Image: 
Great Lakes Regional - Judges' Award
Great Lakes Regional
National Championship
Important Rookie Members: 
Bruce Turner, Justin Ridley
Interesting Info: 
"Robot pinchers made of PVC 8th place at the National Championship ""Crystal Method techno"" nights in the machine shop Last minute funding to go to the National Championship from François Casting and Jean Jennings"